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Webedia and Unify integrate the First-ID unique identification solution

The announced end of third-party cookies is prompting many publishers to rethink their advertising strategy.

Currently - even before future Chrome developments - publishers are already losing up to half of their advertising revenues on the Safari and Firefox environments.

A few weeks after its launch, Webedia Group and Unify Group announce the deployment on their sites of First-ID technology, the 1st solution on the market to provide a deterministic cross-publisher identifier for 100% of the agreed audience.

By innovatively basing itself on server requests rather than on logged audiences, which limit potential coverage, the First-ID solution enables publishers to:

  • access their cross-site audiences in their respective DMPs, for advertising and personalization purposes ;

  • target 100% of Internet users on all browsers, including Safari and Firefox;

  • benefit from increased revenues on cookie third less inventory, thanks to improved identification and compatibility with Open RTB, Prebid and Google PPID.

In the coming weeks, the First-ID identifier will be available on more than 20 new sites published by the 2 groups, including Marmiton, 750g, AuFéminin, Purepeople, AlloCiné, Doctissimo,, Les Numériques,... in addition to the 20 Prisma Media and Cerise sites already integrating the solution.

The contribution of these new brands will enable First-ID to recognize more than 75% of French Internet users in the 15+ target group, and more than 80% of 25-49 year-old CSP+s, while strictly complying with the consent and personal data protection imperatives erected by the RGPD and its application in France.

Bastien Deleau - Global Head of Programmatic, Adtech & Data Unify Group :

"First-ID, thanks to its unique identification technology, offers digital media the opportunity to retain control over the (re)valuation of 100% of their consented audiences, by responding to the technical-legal constraints linked to the gradual disappearance of third-party cookies. We are delighted to support this innovative French Tech start-up!"

Denis Drouais - Webedia Platform Director: "With First-ID, we're proud to be among the first to offer the market an innovative technological solution that combines the need for privacy with the business issues of adtech.


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