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Launch of First-id

David FOLGUEIRA, formerly Deputy Executive Director in charge of PMS Ad Tech (Prisma Media), is launching First-id, the first cross-publisher 1st party identification solution. The announced end of third-party cookies is prompting many publishers to rethink their advertising strategy. Currently - even before the future evolution of Chrome - publishers are already losing up to half of their advertising revenues on the Safari and Firefox environments. First-id, is a unique opportunity to get more value out of publishers & audiences, whereas the current model, based on third-party cookies, does not value content creators. From now on, publishers will be able to regain control of their inventory thanks to a cross-publisher 1st party cookie that works on all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and all environments. The solution has been successfully tested for several months on the brands of the Prisma Media group and Cerise Media. The benefits observed are multiple :

  • Significant increase in revenue from "cookie third less" inventories thanks to better identification.

  • 100% of the audience is cross-site addressable in the publisher's DMP, both for advertising and for personalization.

  • The publisher's campaigns with its own data can target all Internet users, even on Safari andFirefox.

The ambition of is to put publishers back at the centre of the digital ecosystem by helping advertisers and agencies to easily identify their customers on media brands and thus support the creation of quality content. is a company founded by David FOLGUEIRA, who has acquired his experience within major media groups such as 20 minutes, Le Figaro group, Le Monde group and Prisma Media group, where he has held positions in a number of digital businesses. Experienced in the problems encountered by publishers, he uses his expertise to support the independence of media brands and to balance the balance of power within the French advertising market. More than 20 media brands have already deployed the solution, which has been validated by numerous players in the buy-side and sell-side advertising market.


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