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The goal

First-id and Microsoft Advertising are collaborating to create a programmatic advertising solution that protects privacy and allows addressability, without relying on third party cookies. The French company, in partnership with Microsoft Advertising, aimed to help buyers reach their campaign objectives easily and on any browser, especially Safari and Firefox that have stopped using "traditional identifiers". The goal was to offer a solution that is universal and respectful of user choices.

The solution

The approach uses the Microsoft Monetize Publisher Provided ID feature (PPID) and the Microsoft Curate platform to combine publisher's own first party data with First-id's powerful identifier. These two signals enable addressability in a privacy compliant way for inventory that could not be addressed before. This results in a more relevant and considerate user experience. This solution offers an alternative identifier that respects the user's privacy and choice according to today's regulations. The use of PPID allows for the control of identifier access so that it can be only used by authenticated and reliable partners.

At the end of 2023, 45% of the inventory in France is already affected by the loss of cookies. We clearly see a crystallization of subjects around the cookie-less topics since the end of last year, and with such an important and complicated subject we are happy to see that Microsoft is building products that ease the activation process with solutions like ours, to help all stakeholders of the value chain with tangible results.

— Cyril Genty, COO & co-founder, First-id

The results

The integration unlocked benefits for both sellers and buyers of programmatic advertising by making previously unaddressable inventory available to buyers. As a result, campaign reach in cookie-less browser environments increased, assuming the entire budget was spent in Safari and Firefox browsers. Further, existing first party data based on First-id was leveraged by buyers through the PPID feature in Microsoft Monetize SSP in a seamless and efficient way. With the First-idxPPID solution, buyers could reach audiences that were previously not available to them on Firefox and Safari and could easily operate global cross-domain frequency capping on the targeted domains.

In a digital environment that is rapidly moving towards an era without third-party cookies, PRISA Media is positioning itself at the forefront of advertising innovation by launching a proof of concept with First-id , the first-party identification solution that is changing the French market..

This strategic collaboration marks an important milestone for PRISA Media, as it integrates First-id technology with PRISA ID, its own meticulously developed framework based on four fundamental pillars: unifying data across all points of contact with its users; working with identity graphs to deeply understand your readers and listeners ; activating audience information to personalise content and advertising; and exploring new digital businesses.

The proof of concept with First-id promises not only to enhance PRISA Media's ability to offer advertisers access to authenticated and segmented audiences, but also to strengthen its value proposition in the advertising market, enabling more effective reach and deeper engagement with content.

Jose Gutiérrez Cuellar, Director of Solutions, Digital and Technology at PRISA Media, underlines the importance of this alliance: "By integrating First-id into our PRISA ID ecosystem, we are not only taking cookie-free solutions to the next level, we are also expanding the possibilities for interacting with our audience and offering our business partners richer information and more precise targeting opportunities.

David Folgueira, CEO of First-id , comments : "We are delighted to support PRISA Media in this important step towards redefining digital advertising. Our technology will enable PRISA Media to not only maintain, but also increase its relevance in an increasingly privacy-conscious environment."

The collaboration will enable PRISA Media to :

  • Cross-Site Audience Access : by integrating First-id, PRISA Media will be able to maintain traceability across its headers, gaining a complete picture of its audience's content consumption. From an advertising point of view, this translates into improved campaign accuracy and visibility.

  • Improve distribution across browsers: the partnership will ensure better distribution across all browsers, including Safari and Firefox, through the use of an identifier based on first-party data, which is essential for a resilient and adaptive advertising strategy.

  • Increase the value of your inventory without cookies: PRISA Media will benefit from increased value from its cookie-free inventory. More accurate identification and compatibility with platforms such as Open RTB, Prebid and Google PPID will ensure effective monetisation in a cookie-free environment.

With this proof of concept, PRISA Media is not only preparing for a future without cookies, but is also reaffirming its move towards digital advertising that is more respectful of privacy and effective in its reach.

At a time when Google has just begun to delete the last third-party cookies, the advertising world is in upheaval and many publishers are rethinking their advertising strategies.

Against this backdrop, 366, the advertising network for all the regional daily press publishers, and, the first-party identification solution, have formed a partnership to help publishers and advertisers work together without third-party cookies.

Already present on more than 100 sites belonging to 13 media groups, will also be helping the sites of the Ebra, La Dépêche du Midi, Sud-Ouest, Rossel, Centre France, Nice Matin, Le Télégramme, La Provence, La Nouvelle République and other groups to make the most of their first-party data.

366 will have its own deterministic identifier for all PQR Internet users, enabling it to qualify and guarantee the addressability of all its audiences, regardless of browser (Chrome as well as Safari and Firefox, etc.) for programmatic purposes and for direct sales by 366 for 1st party data.

With this partnership, will now be able to identify more than 85% of French Internet users in the 15+ target group and more than 90% of 25-49 year-olds in the CSP+ category, while strictly complying with the requirements for consent and protection of personal data laid down by the RGPD and its application in France.

"Stéphane Delaporte, Managing Director of 366, said: "The partnership with now enables all our publishers to remain 'at scale' in the market, without any major disruption to their purchasing habits, while scrupulously complying with the RGPD
" technology enables all our partners to operate with us with guaranteed respect for privacy, but also great efficiency, similar to that which prevailed before the end of third-party cookies. " For Thibaud Chevalier, Digital Director at 366

David Folgueira, CEO of, comments: "Working with 366 strengthens our value proposition for the digital ecosystem. We are delighted and proud to be contributing to improving the monetisation of prestigious publishers, by giving them more resources to enhance the value of their content in the face of the major US platforms".

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