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If you were unable to attend David FOLGUEIRA's plenary session at Pernod Ricard's Petit Web last week, don't panic, you can watch the replay here. 👇

Union des marques : Introduce us to your start-up

David Folgueira : First-id is a French tech that supports brands in their transition to a world without third-party cookies. It helps brands to reconcile their first-party data and enables them to activate it with their preferred partners.

Union des marques : What needs does your solution meet?

David Folgueira : Today, there are 25 million Internet users who can no longer be targeted with data on the open web, apart from Chrome. First-id allows you to address them without relying on third-party cookies or foreign wall gardens. Thanks to its compatibility with Safari, you get an incremental reach of +65%. The solution has already been adopted by more than 12 media groups. As a result, advertisers can once again target 85% of French web users with their favourite media brands.

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"Aimed at start-ups in the Martech market (adtech, insight & data, content, production, communication, influence strategy, consumer care, retail, etc.) and supported by the Figaro Group, Start-up your brand is a unique acceleration programme that aims to identify start-ups that best meet the needs of brands and to facilitate the conditions for meetings between the two."

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