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Weborama and First-ID join forces to launch the first bundled retargeting solution.

The collaboration between Weborama and First-ID aims to provide the advertising market with an innovative offering based on the power of Weborama's semantic contextual targeting combined with First-ID deterministic identification. It will enable advertisers to run retargeting campaigns in a 100% cookieless environment, with media brands equipped with First-ID technology.

As part of its commitment to innovation and preparation for the future of digital advertising, Weborama, the world leader in targeted advertising without third-party cookies thanks to its semantic AI, announces a strategic partnership with First-ID to offer an unprecedented advertising targeting solution, in response to the disappearance of third-party cookies.

This partnership is a founding alliance for the future of digital advertising, and marks the start of a new era in advertising activation.

It combines the power of contextual advertising with the precision of deterministic identifiers to enhance the value of publishers' cookieless inventories, while meeting the complex challenges of acquisition campaigns.

This partnership will initially cover the EMEA region, with campaigns already underway in the banking, insurance and retail sectors.

Overall, three major use cases are covered:

  • Pure acquisition: Weborama activates packaged First-ID segments for pure acquisition purposes.

  • Contextual retargeting: Weborama activates a 100% cookieless campaign by targeting the First-IDs of engaged (exposed or clickers) via its proprietary adserver. These are then subject to media retargeting scenarios to increase the campaign's final results.

  • On-site retargeting: Weborama activates campaigns based on visitors to advertisers' sites identified by First-ID.

"This joint offering includes the precision of Weborama contextual targeting and the creation of customized segments for campaigns, contextual retargeting, as well as valuable insights into the people exposed to the campaign, activatable for in-depth analysis. The aim is to forge further partnerships with other unique identifiers, reinforcing the power of contextual targeting in digital advertising."

Mykim CHIKLI, CEO of Weborama

"We're delighted to be moving forward with Weborama to continue bringing media brands and advertisers together in a world without third-party cookies. One more opportunity to show that a cross-domain first-party identifier is a complementary alternative to contextual and cookieless solutions."

David Folgueira, CEO et co fondateur of First-ID


First-ID is a cross-domain first-party cookie creation protocol deployed on more than 85 sites from 11 different media groups, enabling :

  • Coverage of 80% of French monthly UVs

  • A 65% increase in data-available consensual inventory, thanks to compatibility with cookie(third)less browsers

  • Find audiences all along their browsing path, on all browsers (even Safari and Firefox)

About WEBORAMA, The Data Intelligence Platform

Weborama offers cutting-edge consumer insight solutions based on highly reliable and scalable semantic analysis technology, enabling companies to generate growth while streamlining their marketing costs. Based on semantic AI, Weborama offers a combination of technologies, data and expertise.


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