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Reworld Media: MediaConnect integrates the First-id Lagardère Publicité News integrates the First.ID unique identification solution to support its customers

As the elimination of third-party cookies approaches, Reworld MediaConnect is announcing the integration of the First-id unique identifier solution into its advertising strategy.

With this activation based on more than 80 brands (Doctissimo, Top Santé, AutoPlus,, Grazia, aufeminin, Biba, Marmiton, Maison & Travaux, Melty, Paroles de Mamans, etc), the implementation of the First-id solution will make it possible to target all Internet users on all browsers, including Safari and Firefox. It is also essential to stress that the ability to achieve these levels of recognition is based on strict compliance with the imperatives of consent and personal data protection, in line with the directives of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and its application in France. Commitment to data security and privacy remains an absolute priority for Reworld MediaConnect.

This initiative aims to strengthen the Reworld Media Group's ability to measure audiences, improve ad targeting, and consolidate its DMP/CRM infrastructure to better understand its audience.

Enable our clients and agencies to easily identify their customers on our media brands and thus satisfy our advertisers.

With First-id, Reworld MediaConnect aims to better understand user behaviour, optimise data collection and ensure optimal performance for Reworld Media customers.

Improving advertising targeting for a quality experience through personalisation

By integrating First-id, Reworld MediaConnect is committed to improving advertising targeting across all its sites. This collaboration will ultimately make it possible to premiumise the sites, to personalise advertising targeting more intelligently and effectively, and to ensure that the ads offered to the audience are of high quality. By targeting ads more effectively, Reworld MediaConnect strives to create a more relevant and satisfying user experience.

Reinforcing a powerful DMP/CRM infrastructure with First-id

By combining a powerful Data Management Platform (DMP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructure with the integration of First-id, Reworld Media is now able to obtain a global view of its audiences. Maximising the group's performance-based activations via multiple levers based on sustainable first-party data enables the media group to meet the communication challenges of all its advertisers.

Reworld MediaConnect is firmly focused on the future of digital advertising, with an emphasis on the quality of the user experience and respect for privacy. This partnership with First-id represents a key step in this approach.

According to Marion Collombat, CRM and DATA Director at Reworld Media: "Anticipating the imminent end of third-party cookies and making an ID available to our customers is an essential step. Our aim is to provide them with ongoing access to the inventory of our 80-plus iconic brands. This will enable them to maintain their communications with all our consented audiences.

Valentine Weydert, Head of Customer Success & Development at First-id : "We're proud to be working with a media group like Reworld Media to consolidate its data and advertising strategy, making it more robust and efficient in a world without third-party cookies! It's also a fantastic opportunity for advertisers and agencies to be able to target, retarget and measure their future campaigns in cookie(third)less environments".

To read the full article on the Union Des Marques website, click here

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