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Prisma Media Solutions Experience of the Unique Identifier Solution: First-id

Prisma Media Solutions is a pioneer in the exploration of third-party cookie-free solutions. For 2 years, our teams have been testing the main alternatives to the end of third-party cookies, including ID5, UTIQ, EUID, RampID, and First-id, in order to offer our clients the best solutions.

This is how Prisma Media Solutions has been using First-id since its launch in September 2022. Today, First-id is implemented on all the sites of Prisma Media group (+20 sites), with an audience of over 37 million unique visitors in France, forming a single database of identifiers across all environments, including cookieless.

In two years, First-id has demonstrated its effectiveness on a number of data and media issues and has been able to respond to a number of use cases, particularly in the area of advertising activation:

Controlled media campaign management. Compatible with the main technologies on the market, the use of First-id ensures precise capping, guaranteeing effective delivery of advertising campaigns on Chrome and on browsers without third-party cookies. What’s more, the ID can be used in Google environments: PPID, Secure Signals. This has enabled Prisma Media Solutions to increase its addressable audience by 40%.

Programmatic and data activation. Integrated into the Prisma Media Solutions DMP, First-id is compatible with data activations (socio-demo, centres of interest, etc.). For example, 30% of data sales have been generated exclusively with First-id since January 2024.

Advertising requests without third-party cookies. The First-id identifier is present in 94% of ad requests, ensuring that ad campaigns continue to perform optimally and that they are targeted and relevant to the audiences they are intended to reach.

“First-id is an exciting solution because of the many use cases it can be used for and the way it complements our other solutions. It's essential for publishers and advertisers to take advantage of this new cookieless era to regain control of their data and contribute to the success of our campaigns,while opening the door to new horizons.” - Philipp Schmidt, chief executive officer of Prisma Media

“After 2 years of use, feedback shows the effectiveness of First-id in many data and media use cases. We’re proud to give the Prisma Media group full control over first-party data and its innovative use across a wide range of strategic issues.” - David Folgueira, CEO of First-id


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