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First ID - The first 100% French cross-publisher 1st party identification solution

First-ID, an innovative solution based on first-party cookies.

Faced with the imminent disappearance of third-party cookies, many players - be they media, e-tailers or advertisers - are re-evaluating their advertising strategy, and aims to help them do just that.

While the current model based on third-party cookies does nothing to enhance the value of content creators, with the solution, publishers can regain control of their inventory thanks to a cross-publisher 1st Party cookie that works across all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and all environments.

First-id's ambition is to put publishers back at the heart of the digital ecosystem by helping advertisers and agencies to easily identify their customers on media brands, and thus support the creation of quality content. The company was founded by David FOLGUEIRA, who has acquired solid experience within major media groups such as 20 minutes, the Le Figaro group, the Le Monde group and the Prisma Media group.

How does work? With, site owners can create and store an identifier associated with each user who has given their consent, while complying with the RPGD. This identifier is pseudonymised, which means that it is impossible to know who the user is, but it is possible to track them as they navigate between different sites.

It is important to note that publishers do not share browsing information with other publishers who do not belong to their group. The two main use cases for are optimising first-party data, whether for content personalisation or advertising purposes, and connecting brands and publishers.

For more information on the solution: *First-party cookie: The first-party cookie (or internal cookie) is a cookie associated with the domain name of the page on which the marker code used to audit a site is placed.


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