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"The CEO and co-founder of the alternative to cookies tells JDN about the initial results of tests carried out by advertisers on around 15 of the 50 sites equipped with the solution.

JDN. In less than six months of activity, has managed to bring on board Prisma, Groupe Cerise, Webedia, Unify, CMI France, Libération and Le Point, and on 9 February you announced the arrival of brands from the Marie Claire group... What is your reach? (...)"

For reading the full article on the JDN, click here

"The announced fin of third-party cookies is prompting many publishers to rethink their advertising strategy.

At the moment - even before future changes to Chrome - publishers are already losing up to half their advertising revenue on the Safari and Firefox environments.

Following announcements from Webedia, Unify, Prisma Media, CMI France, Libération and Le Point, the Marie Claire group has now announced that it is implementing the solution. "

For reading the full article on the alliance digitale website, click here

First-id is delighted to be joining the Alliance Digitale (IAB France & LMMA), surrounded by such prestigious new members as Reworld Media, The Trade Desk, Jellyfish, BCOVERY - We are hiring!, Gamned! and SNCF Connect & Tech, ...

We hope to make our contribution to optimising first-party data and connecting with brands.

Find the Digital Alliance advertisement on its Linkedin post

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