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First-id is a French tech company that supports brands in a world without third-party cookies.

First-id is a powerful and accurate marketing and advertising identifier solution that helps brands consolidate their first-party data. From insight to activation to measurement, the First-id identifier serves as "fuel" to exploit your marketing tools (CDP, CMP, etc.) to their full potential.

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In anticipation of the end of third-party cookies, Pierre Fabre Laboratories will be installing the First-id solution on the French sites of the Avène and A-derma brands.

With this identification solution, the dermo-cosmetic laboratory will be able to identify its web users on all its domains, enrich its customer knowledge with all its 1st party data and activate its data on the +85 sites powered by First-id, promises First-id.

First-id, which is celebrating its first anniversary, has already been deployed by 12 media groups, including Libération and Le Point, as well as Webedia and Unify.

First-id, a cross-publisher first-party identification solution, compliant with cookieless environments, is thrilled to attend DMEXCO on 20th and 21st of September at Kholn, in Germany.

As a privacy-first solution, First-id identifies itself as a powerful and interoperable pure player, able to extend advertisers' and media brands’ first-party data to the entire open web. From the optimisation of customer knowledge to the valorisation of medias’ advertising inventories to onboarding and shared consent, First-id serves as fuel to maximise the potential of existing ad tech solutions.

As the EMEA hub for ad tech networking, DMEXCO is a staple for publishers and tech leaders in the industry and First-id would be delighted to connect with publishers and brands.

To get in touch, feel free to email Valentine Weydert directly at

For reading the full article on the Union Des Marques website  click here

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